Tactical Training

We offer a fully integrated Close Protection Course tailored to meet the needs of professional Close Protection Officers.

Our courses

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Our training courses are laid out to teach the standard SIA requirements of 18 days plus a much enhanced programme for professional operatives operating in cities for UHNWI, high risk areas, hostile or fully tactical. 

Our training courses utilise the extensive experience that our instructors have gained over many years working in the protective security industry, to provide you with one of the most in-depth and comprehensive courses in the market today.



We offer tailored courses for upgrading or consolidating previous training coupled with tailored courses for specific deployments and requirements such as QCB, FIBUA, EOD, Conflict Management and CCTV Operator Level 2.

BTEC Level 3 Close Protection within the Executive Environment

The course has been carefully designed for students who wish to undergo training and the qualification needed to obtain Security Industry (SIA) license.

The course contains classroom-based lessons featuring discussions, role-play training exercises and practical training exercises and includes:

• 19 day residential SIA Level 3 Close Protection Course
• 5 day First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (FREC)
• 3 day Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative (HECPO)



Other courses include:

  • Close Protection Basic Course BTEC Level 3 Held in UK
  • First Aid First Response Emergency Care (FREC) Level 3 Held in UK
  • Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative (HECPO) Held in UK
  • Introduction to Pistols (Basic Firearms) Held in Poland
  • Weapons Proficiency for Private Security Contractors (Advanced) Held in Poland
  • QCB & FIBUA for Advanced Students Held in Poland
  • Maritime (Various) Part Online, in Wales and or Poland
  • Various Tailored Training with both Cat 1 and Cat 5 Weapons in Wales and or Poland

Air Marshal Course

Man with gun on a aircraft

Our Air Marshal Course has been designed by Security and Airline Specialists which is designed to deliver all the skills to de-escalate threats and violence in the air. It is aimed at qualified Law Enforcement Operatives and Close Protection Officers who wish to have a security career within aviation.

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Valhalla Training Solutions is our sister company providing Medical, Healthcare and Specialist courses such as Survival In Remote Areas (SIRA).