We offer a range of private and corporate investigation options undertaken discretely, lawfully and ethically.

Our costs are agreed with you prior to us starting work. We will not hold personal data for any longer than necessary. We use secure methods of data transfer whenever we need to submit information. Once we complete your investigation you will be presented with a detailed report that is admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Private Investigations

Cheating partners

Having suspicions about your partner is a difficult and stressful time. With no evidence, suspicion can consume your life and even tear apart a relationship that may not have even been in jeopardy. Often it can be difficult to know where to turn.

A discreet and professional investigation will provide the facts you need to make an informed decision.
We will not judge you. Our approach is to offer empathy, advice and a discreet, professional service to get you the information you need. By using a combination of open source research, vehicle tracking and covert surveillance we can quickly build up a history of your partner’s movements.

Our findings – including photographic evidence – are presented to you along with a detailed report.
Packages can be customised to meet your budget and your requirements.

Divorce and Separation

If a relationship has ended without an explanation or you feel the reasons given are untrue, we can help provide you with answers.

We recognise that this can be a difficult time so our approach is to listen, offer empathy, advice and a way forward that provides you with a discreet and professional service. In divorce cases there are a number of factors that can effect a financial outcome. Ex-partners can claim to be unemployed or state that they are living alone when they are actually cohabiting with a new partner. 

We can investigate on your behalf to expose the truth. If they are lying our evidence could help increase your chances of getting a fair settlement, as well strengthening the case for increasing payments to support children.

Partner Surveillance

Not knowing is the worst part. If you suspect your partner of having a secret life you have a right to know the truth.

It is only by having the facts that you can make an informed decision and get on with your life.
It can be a difficult time when you have suspicions about your partners activities but without evidence speculation can take over and even ruin a healthy relationship. If you have concerns or you are thinking about a long term relationship and just want to make sure there are no skeletons in the closet, we can help put your mind at rest.

Our findings – including photographic evidence – are presented to you along with a detailed report.
Packages can be customised to meet your budget and your requirements.

Corporate Investigations

Personal Injury Claims

Using surveillance to provide evidence that undermines a claimant’s case can substantially reduce their damages award, especially if fraud and injury exaggeration are involved. In the extreme the claim could be dismissed altogether. Insurance companies representing defendants continually use undercover surveillance to validate a claimant’s credibility.

Private investigators working for insurance companies carry out covert filming and use social media sites to look for evidence of how a claimant lives their daily life. Whilst the Human Rights Act 1998 allows a right to privacy, surveillance can legally be carried out in a public place by private investigators.

Our network of experienced investigators has significant experience in providing evidence that can be used in court for insurers and solicitors.

Unauthorised Absence

Investigating unauthorised absence is a complex area. As an employer you need to consider relevant human rights legislation such as the right to respect for private and family life.

Before commissioning an investigation employers must have reasonable grounds for their belief and must be satisfied that notifying the employee about the surveillance would prejudice detection of malpractice.

Our network of Private Investigators has significant experience in carrying out surveillance operations relating to employee absence. We know that this can be a daunting task and can help you take action whilst remaining compliant with current legislation.

Theft and Fraud

Employee theft costs UK businesses more than £190 million every year. It is highly detrimental, eating away at profits and endangering its future.

If you have suspicions that your employees are stealing it’s important to act quickly (as unfortunately theft and fraud rarely go away on their own and will often escalate as criminals become more confident). However, decisions should not be made based purely on conjecture. An investigation needs to take place to gather evidence so that you can make informed decisions from a position of knowledge.

We are highly experienced in carrying out surveillance operations relating to theft and fraud and on occasions we have worked alongside the Police to bring organised criminal activity to an end. We know that this can be a daunting task, but we have the experience to help you take action.

Asset Tracking

Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) tracking is routinely used by private investigators as they are small, can be easily concealed and they can be fitted and removed in seconds with no damage (or modification) to the vehicle. They are battery powered,  are hard for thieves to detect as they only transmit occasionally or when an asset is in motion and can provide a cost effective way of monitoring activity without having investigators spending many hours following a vehicle.

With the information provided by the GSM tracker a picture of a subjects movements over time can be compiled – a very useful tool in planning future ‘targeted’ surveillance operations. 

Please note that before fitting a device we will always perform a Data Protection Impact Assessment to ensure there is a legitimate interest.

Process Serving

We serve all legal documents from statutory demands, claim forms, court orders and injunction orders to divorce and family proceedings.

Our network of experienced operatives are able to collect from your office or from court.
We aim to provide a same day service and once the documents have been served we will inform you and provide the appropriate Certificate, Statement of Service or Affidavit to confirm service.

We receive instructions from Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Corporate and Private Clients, which we undertake at an agreed fixed price.

Local Authorities

Anti-social behaviour in the UK is at it’s highest level in 6 years and covers a wide range of unacceptable activity from rowdy neighbours to street drinking and vandalism. Police.UK advises victims to contact their local authority but the harsh reality is that many local authorities have few resources to tackle anti-social behaviour, and without evidence there is little that can be done.

Our network of investigators can carry out surveillance that can provide the hard evidence that will enable authorities to deal with the problem once and for all.

Staff Issues
Local authorities are not alone when it come to staff issues. Theft, moonlighting and fraudulent sick leave (to name a few) can suck the lifeblood from an organisation.

Our network of investigators are here to help.